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During the annual audit, managing external confirmations can cost you a lot of time: Determining what information needs to be confirmed or requested, selecting the appropriate confirming party, creating and sending requests (including follow-up requests when applicable). This whole process can sometimes be difficult to complete.

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External confirmation procedures defined by the ISA-505 (International Standard on Auditing) allow the auditors to obtain audit evidence in accordance with the requirements of ISA 330 and ISA 500. External confirmation means audit evidence is obtained as a direct written response to the auditor from a third party (the confirming party), in paper form, or by electronic means.

They are frequently used in relation to account balances and their components such as Bank balances, accounts receivable balances or accounts payable balances, but they may also be used in other cases. For example, confirmation letters can be sent to a company’s lawyers to determine whether there’s any pending litigation that needs to be reported, or disclosed in the company’s audited financial statements.

With, secure, automate and simplify your external confirmations to reduce response time, improve the response rate and above all, to save time.

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User experience is very important to us. We offer you a quick and global vision of your external confirmations process thanks to a dashboard showing every step and current status.

Circularisation des comptes - demande de confirmation - Circulariz
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