Banks and Insurance Companies: Respond to Confirmation Requests Quicker

Every year, millions of confirmation requests are sent to banks and insurance companies by financial auditors worldwide.

Responding to these requests can be time-consuming: Printing documents, preparing emails and posting letters are amongst some of the tasks you need to fulfil. Usually, the confirmation process takes up to 20 minutes of your time for each request. 

As part of the digitisation on the audit profession, and in application of the ISA* 505 “External Confirmations” (*International Standards on Auditing), auditors can now use the secured and cloud-based platform, to simplify their external confirmations.

How is Circulariz Beneficial to You?

One-click Answers

The processing time of your response is reduced by about 90%.

Paperless: Simply respond in a few seconds through a secure web page, and that’s it.

Circularisation des comptes - demande de confirmation - Circulariz

Combat Fraud

By using Circulariz, you are actively taking part in the fight against fraud.

Many cases of fraud through confirmation requests have been detected for decades, which have often been behind significant financial scandals. Thanks to, the external confirmation process is monitored therefore helping financial auditors reduce the risks of fraud.

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